Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry’s programme Smt. Renu Tandon chairman, IFCCI, BK Shivani Bahen and Smt. Rita Bahuguna Joshi, Minister of UP Govt. are presented in Lucknow.

“Celebrate every Moment of Life” 15-03-2019

On the evening of 15th March 2019 a Seva titled “Celebrate every Moment of Life” was organized by Brahma Kumaris, Lucknow in which Shivani Didi emphasized how by taking small steps in caring about one’s Mind can help a person stay stress free and happy every day and also all-through the day. The venue of the Seva was an auditorium at City Montessori School, Vardaan Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow.

This is the matra of having great relationships at work as well as family. The audience included Law Minister of U.P. Mr. Brijesh Pathak, Health Education Secretary Mr. Rajnish Dube, Founder of City Montessori Schools Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, Principal of a prominent Catholic School, Fr. Alwyn Moras, and many other Political, Legal and Bureaucratic Dignitaries. A strong turnout of 4000+ souls were mesmerized by God’s Knowledge delivered in a very simple yet powerful way to the audience by Shivani Didi. The audience was kept entertained before the start of the Shivani Didi’s programme by some live music performed by Bollywood artist Mr Harish Moyal and his group who had especially flown from Mumbai for the Seva.

Photo#3 Candel Lighting : (L-R)

Mrs & Mr. Brijesh Pathak, Law Minister, UP Govt., BK Shivani Bahen, Mayor of Lucknow Mrs. Sanyukta Bhatia, BK Radha Didi, Brother Alok Ranjan, Former Principal Secretary & Mrs. Surabhi Ranjan